Proposing a Cochrane Review

Before submitting a proposal for a Cochrane review to Cochrane Incontinence, potential authors should read and consider the following resources:


All suggestions for new titles must fit within the Group’s scope and not overlap with areas already covered by existing Cochrane protocols or reviews. A complete list of areas already covered or in progress can be found on the Group’s website - please note that these do not include topics under discussion (not yet formally registered by other review teams).

Review teams

It is essential that Cochrane Reviews be undertaken by more than one person. This ensures that tasks such as selection of studies for eligibility and data extraction can be performed by at least two people independently, increasing the likelihood that errors are detected (and therefore corrected). Where possible, review authors are encouraged to seek and incorporate the views of users, including consumers, clinicians and those from varying regions and settings in the development of protocols and reviews.

Skills and experience

Review teams should include content and methodology experts and have access to statistical experience as required. First-time review authors are encouraged to work with others who are experienced in the process of systematic reviews and are expected to attend training events organized by Cochrane.  This might be e-learning and, structured self-learning or organised events.

Mandatory review team skills include:

  • content knowledge
  • the ability to formulate review questions and eligibility criteria, search for, select and assess the risk of bias of relevant studies
  • the ability to assess the quality of the evidence using the GRADE approach and fully incorporate this assessment into the main text and summary versions of the review
  • the ability to produce Summary of Findings tables as appropriate
  • basic statistical knowledge in order to extract appropriate data, conduct meta-analyses using RevMan software, interpret and discuss the results
  • the ability to write a scientific report in English

There should be someone willing to act as a contact person for the review, and to provide project management and leadership within the team.

Authors should also be aware that undertaking a Cochrane review is a time-consuming process, which can take a considerable time to complete. Authors should consider carefully whether they will be able to commit time to the process and if they have enough support to complete the final review.

If you are interested in registering a new title or becoming involved with an existing review with the Cochrane Incontinence Group, please contact