Dissemination policy

Cochrane Incontinence is compliant with Cochrane’s guiding principle for dissemination: ‘to identify the people who most need to know the information contained within a particular Cochrane Review, and the channels which maximise the potential for it to reach those audiences, while maintaining the integrity of the individual reviews’.

More information about Cochrane’s central dissemination activities, with which Cochrane Incontinence engages, can be found here but there are a range of formal Cochrane dissemination channels, such as targeted dissemination to relevant groups and organisations, podcasts and inclusion in the list of New and Highlighted Cochrane Reviews on the Cochrane Library website.

Cochrane Incontinence supports these activities by helping to give targeted exposure to newly published protocols, reviews and review updates. Dissemination is tailored to the individual review or topic area but starts at the beginning of the new or updated review process with discussions with authors about their own dissemination goals (e.g. presentations at specific conferences). This helps to build a formal ‘dissemination plan’ for the review, which in turn can inform target publication dates or other dissemination activities.

On publication of the review, we will send a document to the review team with tips on disseminating their Cochrane review. Where appropriate, we will initiate some or all of the following:

  • Posts, blogshots and/or vlogshots on Cochrane Incontinence’s Twitter and Facebook profiles, highlighting the key evidence and directing readers to the publication in the Cochrane Library. These will be retweeted and reshared appropriately.
  • A news article on the Cochrane Incontinence website highlighting and linking to the publication in the Cochrane Library.
  • A spot in the Cochrane Incontinence Newsletter to highlight the publication, with a link to the publication in the Cochrane Library.

Review authors will be notified of activities involving their reviews and will be encouraged to participate in Cochrane’s central dissemination or publicity activities, such as podcasts or translations. They will also be asked to advise us of any further dissemination or impact relating to their review.