Shona reflects on her summer internship

This summer I spent six weeks as a research intern within the Institute of Health & Society at Newcastle University, working on a health economics project for Cochrane Incontinence.

Going into the internship, I had relatively little knowledge of health economics, having just completed my third year of an engineering degree. However, from day one I was fully involved in the project and so quickly picked up a lot.

From the beginning of the internship, I found my work on economic evaluations and evidence gap mapping really interesting. Despite only being here for six weeks, I feel that I was able to accomplish a lot and learn about a variety of processes, including screening papers, carrying out data extraction, mapping evidence and producing an academic report.

I was able to gain an insight into Cochrane and discover the scale and importance of their work and the impact that it has on healthcare. It was exciting to be carrying out novel work by producing an evidence map that could help decision makers, healthcare funders and researchers in the future.

This internship has allowed me to gain experience of doing academic work and research, giving me an idea of what I might like to pursue as a career after finishing University.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time here and the team from Cochrane Incontinence and the Institute of Health & Society as a whole were all very welcoming, which made it a great place to work.

Shona Haston, July 2019