News about funding for Cochrane Incontinence

In August 2021, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) announced its intention to withdraw the infrastructure funding that it provides to all UK Cochrane Review Groups, including Cochrane Incontinence. Our funding will cease on 31st March 2023, after which there will be no editorial base to support Cochrane Reviews to publication. In parallel to this, Cochrane has launched a proposal for a major reorganisation of its activities. Information about the proposal and the opportunity to provide feedback can be found here.

We are currently conducting a prioritisation exercise of our portfolio in order to identify high priority reviews in process that have a good chance of publication before March 2023. While we do this, we are unable to accept new titles or begin updates of existing reviews unless they have funding, an experienced team and a realistic timeframe in place.

We are grateful to all past and current contributors to Cochrane Incontinence.