New podcast! How effective are pelvic floor muscle exercises undertaken during pregnancy or after birth for preventing or treating incontinence?

A couple of months ago, Stephanie Woodley, Jean Hay-Smith, Rhianon Boyle, June Cody and Siv Mørkved published their latest updated evidence: 'Pelvic floor muscle training for prevention and treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence in antenatal and postnatal women'.

Now, Stephanie and Jean, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, have developed a podcast  that discusses the major findings of the review update. In conversation with John Hilton, editor in the Cochrane Editorial and Methods department, the pair discuss the evidence from nearly 40 trials. During the podcast, they discuss the effects of doing PFMT before and after giving birth, and how offering PFMT as an intervention to continent women early in pregnancy may have an effect in preventing incontinence both in late pregnancy and after birth. 

You can listen to the podcast in full here.

Read the full review here.