Join the #BeyondTheRoom team at the Cochrane Colloquium 2018

This September (16th-18th), Cochrane UK is hosting the annual Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh, with a theme of ‘Cochrane for all – better evidence for better health decisions.’ It's also set to be a Patients Included event, meaning that it's being co-designed, co-produced and co-presented by healthcare consumers and will focus on the key goals of Cochrane's Strategy to 2020.

In that spirit, Cochrane UK are setting up a #BeyondTheRoom team! The digital conference service was first set up in 2016 by André Tomlin from the Mental Elf who wanted to increase the reach and impact of health events by live tweeting and podcasting from them, involving people virtually to create a democratic conversation.

The #BeyondTheRoom team at the Colloquium will include André, his colleague Douglas Badenoch and Sarah Chapman and Selena Ryan-Vig from Cochrane UK. But they also need some new recruits!

The team are looking for three experienced tweeters to join them in their #BeyondTheRoom team. Familiarity with Cochrane and systematic reviews isn’t essential; you just need enthusiasm and confidence with Twitter!

You can apply for the role if you’re a student (in any discipline but with an interest in health evidence), a patient or healthcare consumer, a health professional or allied health professional. The successful candidates will get free registration for the three days of the conference (including lunches and attendance at the Welcome Reception and Gala dinner), four nights of accommodation and up to £200 for travel costs.

To find out more about #BeyondTheRoom at this year's Cochrane Colloquium, what’s involved and how to apply, head to Evidently Cochrane

Closing date: 4th May