Blog: Informed choices for intermittent catheterisation

Sarah Chapman and Nurse Consultant across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Sharon Eustice recently wrote a blog for Evidently Cochrane surrounding evidence on intermittent catheterisation for long-term bladder management. The piece reflects on the implications for practice and future research, drawing on the review "Intermittent catheterisation for long-term bladder management" by J Prieto, CL Murphy, KN Moore and M Fader.

In the post, they give a brief introduction to intermittent catheterisation – including who can use catheters and their uses – and take a look at the benefits and potential harms of the process, including the potential for urinary tract infections. They also reflect on how the Cochrane review used identified a large evidence gap regarding the topic.

With this in mind, Eustice then reflects on the ways in which nurses can help patients make the right choices when it comes to intermittent catheterisation. She suggests, for instance, taking into account the patient’s vision, dexterity and any anatomical factors (e.g. prolapses).

They then conclude on how intermittent catheters can be used to improve a patient’s quality of life, highlighting the need for more research into this specific field in the future.

You can read the full blog by Chapman and Eustice on Evidently Cochrane.