Blog: Cochrane evidence on catheter washouts: from Twitter to the bedside

In a new blog for Evidently Cochrane, We Nurses founder Teresa Chinn (@AgencyNurse on Twitter) reflects on how learning about Cochrane evidence on catheter washouts, via Twitter, has enabled her to both change and challenge her patient’s care.

The blog uses evidence from Cochrane Incontinence, specifically the review ‘Washout policies in long-term indwelling urinary catheterisation in adults’ by Ashley J Shepherd, William G Mackay and Suzanne Hagen.

In the blog itself, Teresa describes how discovering the Cochrane evidence helped to inform her care for an elderly gentleman. He was due to have a urinary catheter washout after having a long-term supra pubic catheter, and recently returned to hospital following complications with the catheter blocking and bypassing. She describes how reading the review helped to inform her practice when caring for this particular patient. 

Read the full blog from Teresa on Evidently Cochrane here