We would like to thank the following people for their previous contributions to Cochrane Incontinence in various capacities over the years.

Coordinating Editors: Adrian Grant, Cathryn Glazener and James N’Dow.

Managing Editors: June Cody and Imran Omar

Editors: Brenda Roe, Steinar Hunskaar, Katherine Moore, Christine Norton, Mandy Fader, Carmela Marie Lapitan, Doug Tincello and Kate Williams.

Editorial and administrative support: Bronwyn Davidson, Suzanne Macdonald, Alison Ewan, Sharon McLeer, Claire Allen, Alison Clayton, Pamela Moir, June Younes, Jennifer Crouse, Erika Magnago and Lyn Ajanaku.

Research Fellows: Miriam Brazzelli, June Cody and Fiona Stewart.

Handsearchers: Jean Hay‐Smith, Peter Herbison, Emmanual Karantanis, Victoria Kirkland, Lisa McKenzie, Sylvain Meyer, Mary Palmer, Cheryl Pearson, Rudi Prent, Paul Riss, Brenda Roe and Gabriel Schar.

Local Advisory Committee: Paul Bachoo, Kevin Cooper, Pat Duncan, Alison Hancock and Satchi Swami.