We would like to thank the following people for their previous contributions to Cochrane Incontinence in various capacities over the years.

Coordinating Editors: Adrian Grant, Cathryn Glazener and James N’Dow.

Managing Editors: June Cody and Imran Omar

Editors: Brenda Roe, Steinar Hunskaar, Katherine Moore, Christine Norton, Mandy Fader, Carmela Marie Lapitan, Doug Tincello and Kate Williams. We also acknowledge the contributions of Rob Pickard, who will be missed.

Editorial and administrative support: Bronwyn Davidson, Suzanne Macdonald, Alison Ewan, Sharon McLeer, Claire Allen, Alison Clayton, Pamela Moir, June Younes, Jennifer Crouse, Erika Magnago and Lyn Ajanaku.

Research Fellows: Miriam Brazzelli, June Cody and Fiona Stewart.

Handsearchers: Jean Hay‐Smith, Peter Herbison, Emmanual Karantanis, Victoria Kirkland, Lisa McKenzie, Sylvain Meyer, Mary Palmer, Cheryl Pearson, Rudi Prent, Paul Riss, Brenda Roe and Gabriel Schar.

Local Advisory Committee: Paul Bachoo, Kevin Cooper, Pat Duncan, Alison Hancock and Satchi Swami.