Our people

Cochrane Review Groups are made up of people who prepare, maintain, and update Cochrane Reviews, and people who support them in this process.

Cochrane Incontinence has an editorial base where a small team of people support the production of Cochrane Reviews, including a Co-ordinating Editor, Managing Editor, Information Specialist and Editorial Assistant. Each Cochrane Review Group also has a team of editors (similar to an editorial board) who support the editorial team and the development of the Cochrane Reviews.

Find out more about the team below.

Co-ordinating Editor
Luke Vale, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
The Co-ordinating Editor is in charge of assuring the quality of all reviews published by Cochrane Incontinence and managing the rest of the editorial team. They have overall responsibility for the Group’s reviews and protocols.

Managing Editor
Lindsey Elstub, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
The Managing Editor (ME) has the task of the day-to-day management of Cochrane Incontinence, steering reviews through the editorial process by working alongside authors, editors and peer reviewers. They also help to provide training and support to authors writing reviews and protocols, and can provide advice and feedback on protocols and reviews.

Cochrane Information Specialist
Sheila Wallace, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
The Information Specialist (IS) is responsible for supporting authors in identifying controlled trials for inclusion in their reviews. They also build and maintain a specialised register of controlled trials relating to incontinence, and help facilitate the translation of reports that are eligible to be included in reviews.

Assistant Managing Editors
Eugenie Johnson and Nicole O'Connor, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
The Assistant Managing Editors aid the Managing Editor in the day-to-day management of Cochrane Incontinence, including helping to facilitate the peer review process, ensuring that contact details and affiliations are correct and assisting with tracking the progress of reviews. They are also training towards becoming methodologists to help with specific aspects of our reviews.

To find out about any conflicts of interest that our editorial or review team may have, please visit the Cochrane Community page here.