How Can You Contribute?

You can contribute to the Incontinence Group in many ways by:

• Searching a journal for randomised controlled studies – particularly those not listed in MEDLINE and/or published in languages other than English.

• Searching abstracts books and conference proceedings for randomised controlled studies. • Notifying us of ongoing or unpublished randomised controlled studies.

• Preparing or assisting with the preparation of a systematic review.

• Peer refereeing a protocol (outline of a proposed systematic review) and/or a completed review.

• Providing feedback on completed reviews.

• Offering technical or other support.

The Cochrane Incontinence reviews predominantly use evidence from randomised or quasi-randomised controlled trials for evaluating a range of relevant health care interventions. Our scope includes:

Chemical: drug; homeopathy; diet; hormone

Physical: vaginal cones, pelvic floor muscle training; electrical stimulation; acupuncture; chiropractic; biofeedback

Surgery: perineal/vaginal/rectal; injections; abdominal; laparoscopic; urinary/faecal diversion; postsurgical management

Psychological/behavioural training: psychotherapy; bladder drill/training; toilet training; alarms; motivation; reward schemes

Lifestyle: changes in fluid intake; change in type of fluid (e.g. caffeine reduction); weight loss; postural changes; smoking cessation; treatment of constipation; treatment of chronic respiratory conditions; changes to physical work

Mechanical devices: vaginal pessaries; anal tampons; urethral plugs; pad and bed sheets; catheters; bags; artificial sphincters; sheaths

Rehabilitation: alternative types of nursing care; skin care; nursing home care

Investigations: pad tests; diaries; x-rays; urodynamics; assessment teams; ultrasound; ambulatory monitoring

Education: of clinical staff (e.g. CME, guidelines); of other lay carers; of patients

Contact detail:

Sheila Wallace, Cochrane Incontinence Group


Tel: +44 (0)1224 438119

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